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Heartland Black Bear Table Lamp

30 March 2012

heartland-black-bear-table-lampThe Heartland Black Bear Table Lamp can go really well with decor of an office, living room or bedroom. You can place your order for one right online. They also make an excellent gift for anyone. They are beautifully crafted from the finest materials. They come available with an excellent guarantee too. Men and women both love them. They will also be great for a child’s room. Your lamp can be delivered right to your door at home or at your business. These lamps conveniently sit on a table. They make as lovely addition to any room and will really draw a lot of attention to its fine design and style. People who own them always speak of how nice they really are and you will too. This table lamp has a very unique look about it and that is what makes it so special above all other table lamps. You can get yours by placing your order for it now and you will really be glad you did. It will surely light up the whole room and it is very useful as well.

Turquoise Cross Table Lamp

21 March 2012

Turquoise Cross Table LampGet inspired to decorate the entire home with this very tastefully designed rustic Turquoise Cross Table Lamp that will add a touch of class and elegance to any room’s decor. This beautiful table lamp captures the rustic style of the old west. The finish on the lamp is very rustic with hand painted scrolls circling the lamp shade. Decorating in the western style takes planning and imagination. Get started with the Turquoise Cross Table Lamp for inspiration. The western style inspired by the Turquoise Cross Table Lamp requires a natural setting with rocks, wood, and leather to compliment the area.

The lamp should be surrounded by western style furniture. Western style furniture should be larger than normal furniture and certainly made from natural wood products. Keep the color scheme in a western inspired room very natural. Use color themes around earth tones, greys, and blacks. Don’t be afraid to include natural elements scattered around the room to compliment the larger items. Use leaves, rocks, acorns. A western motif requires plenty of rustic elements spread throughout the environment. Select suedes, wools, denims, and leather for that natural western look. Search through old trunks for items or buy these items at vintage shops.

Ceramic Tile Single Hooks

16 March 2012


The ceramic tile single hooks found at Black Forest Décor are the perfect additional to any Americana style home or for the nature lover. These high quality hooks portray beautiful portraits of a bear, moose, or bear with cubs which will sure to delight any that see them proudly displayed. The artwork renders the images in a way that displays the beauty of nature with something that will be forever useful in one’s home or hunting cabin. Single hooks such as these are perfect for hanging your hat or scarf after a long day out, or as a place to put your keys to ensure they are never lost. Their efficient size makes them a great fit for any room, and their usefulness is far reaching. These hooks are the essential touch for any décor, and the featured artwork by Diane Whitehead is a touching reminder that nature is never far from our door. With three available designs, there is sure to be the perfect ceramic tile single hook for your wall and will bring years of quality and pleasure.

Rustic Scroll Wall Sconces Can Complete Your Western Theme

9 March 2012

Rustic Scroll Double Wall SconceSconces have a long history of lighting rooms in Victorian homes and the castles of Europe but they can make fine accents in modern homes too. Lone Star Western Décor is introducing their new Rustic Scroll Double Wall Sconce to prove that point.

With these sconces, Lone Star has incorporated a western feel to accent lighting. To the wrought iron, they have added a rust appearance that makes it fit perfectly into western and southwestern décor. To this they added the shades. They can come in a frosted amber or turquoise glass.

Using only two 60 watt bulbs, these sconces are not made to be the primary source of light in the room. Instead, these are used to accent the western theme of the room. The amber shades can add warmth to tan or clay colored walls. Many times these colors appear dreary without an accent light and the amber shades can transform dreary to warm.

Meanwhile, the turquoise shades can draw the eye or bring out the turquoise in other artifacts in the room. In western and southwestern decors, turquoise shows up often but can get over looked. That won’t happen with these shades. And if you need a little less light, a single sconce is also offered.

If you have a western or southwestern décor, these rustic scroll double wall sconces can really tie a room together.

Product Review: Turquoise Stone Half Round Sconces

1 March 2012

Turquoise Half Round SconcesThese attractive turquoise stone half round wall sconces are embellished with laser cut burnished steel overlays with brass diamond accents. The copper verde patina gives these cabochons a warm, inviting glow. In two sizes, these sconces will enhance the ambiance of any western style decor.

Create a relaxing western style atmosphere by hanging sconces to illuminate a cozy reading nook. Use in pairs or mix and match sizes to give a romantic glow to intimate dining or space them along a long wall to bring favorite western style artwork and collectables to life.

No matter if your decor only touches on the rustic or goes to the extreme these vibrant turquoise stone half round pieces will pull the whole theme together, blending and illuminating the separate elements in any room to help create a put together, finished look.

Versatile, classic pieces, these sconces can light the way down a hallway or up a staircase, flank a fireplace mantle, offer warm welcome in the foyer or lend a taste of western romance in the bedroom with these softly glowing lights.

Sconces are an easy, simple yet very elegant way to add an authentic feel and put the finishing touches on your western style decor.