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Give Your Room a Budget-Friendly Update

Photo courtesy loghome.com

Photo courtesy loghome.com

If your décor is looking a little blah and your pocketbook a little thin, there are lots of ways to give a room a refresher without breaking your budget.  Here are five easy, budget-friendly updates you can give your favorite room. In no time, you can be relaxing in a room that looks all-new and didn’t cost you a fortune.


A splash of color on the walls has a way of giving a room a completely different look. Whether you choose to take a chance on a bright shade or soften the room with a mellow neutral, a coat of paint is an effective update that doesn’t cost much. Here are some painting tips and techniques from Sherwin-Williams. According to them, when choosing a color, remember that:

  • Warm colors create a feeling of energy, excitement and action, while cool colors are more useful if you want to create a peaceful, relaxing mood.
  • Bright, light tones make a room feel spacious, while deeper shades can make areas appear smaller.


You can switch out pieces like window treatments and lamps to create a new look in your room, or you can add new touches like picture frames, mirrors and throw pillows. In this article on SheKnows.com, designer Andrea Evans says, “Adding mirrors to rooms adds glamor, twinkle and brightness, while opening a room up at the same time.” Little touches can make a big difference in your room, and won’t break the bank.


Evans also says that updating the details of a room can make a small, but effective change. Decorative switch plate covers, vent covers and other hardware can give a room a little extra polish and are very often not expensive at all. Try new cabinet knobs and pulls in the kitchen or a new towel bar in the bathroom, and watch your walls get a total makeover.

Giving a room a whole new look doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. A few simple changes can get you closer to the room of your dreams without taking half your paycheck in the process. All it takes is a little creativity. Happy decorating!


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