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Bear Bedding from Comforters to Coverlets

Bear Bedding, Comforter, Accent PillowsWhen it comes to cabin décor, bear themes are an overwhelmingly popular choice. They complement wooded settings and rustic décor schemes, and they’re versatile enough to range from a rugged, nature-loving look, to Native American-inspired décor, to classic and traditional, to just plain cute. Bears work as collectibles and figurines and can also adorn functional pieces like dinnerware and furniture. And they have a place in the cabin bedroom as much as any other room in the house—bear bedding can be fun, beautiful and of course, comfortable.

When exploring your bear bedding options, think about what you need most in bedding in general. What time of year do you find yourself spending the most time at the cabin? Do you need heavier-weight coverings, or lighter-weight? What type of bed coverings appeal to you most?

  • Duvet: a down comforter, usually with washable cover
  • Comforter: a filled blanket that covers just the mattress
  • Bedspread: a lighter blanket that covers the bed all the way to the floor
  • Coverlet: like a bedspread, but covers the bed only to the top of the box springs
  • Quilt: a bed covering made from layers of fabric stitched together and padded

Once you’ve decided what type of bed covering you need, you’re sure to find it in the perfect bear design. Choose a color palette that goes well with the rest of your décor. If you have a soft shade of sage green on the walls, for example, go with cooler tones in your bedding. Match jewel tones with similar shades, and warmer color palettes with rich reds and browns.

And when it comes to pattern and fabrics, go with what appeals to you and fits in with your decorating scheme. Bear bedding comes in a variety of rustic themes, from natural looks to Southwest geometric patterns to rugged, outdoorsy designs. A bear quilt can create a warm, traditional feel, all in the bear theme you love.

Once you’ve chosen a pattern and color, don’t neglect the extras like pillows, shams and throws. These little decorating elements make a cabin bed a showpiece that’s both visually and physically comfortable. Here’s a really helpful video breaking down all the elements of a beautiful bed set, with explanations of each: How to Choose Bed Linens.

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There’s a reason why bear bedding is such a beloved addition to cabin décor. Fortunately, there are plenty of styles out there to suit your interior design needs and make your cabin or lodge into a comfy rustic home.


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