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Product Review: Ducks in Flight Pendant

30 November 2011

Is your cabin also a hunting lodge? Or do you simply enjoy lots of time in the outdoors? If so, outdoor looks make a great addition to your interior décor. This Ducks in Flight Pendant captures a tranquil moment in the marsh with amber mica and copper-finished metal art. It comes equipped with everything you’ll need for installation. If you’re in the dark, so to speak, as to how to install pendant lighting, here’s a helpful video:

If you’re not sure where to place a pendant like this in your home, the ideal place is over a kitchen island. Make sure it hangs down low enough to provide light over the counter without being obtrusive—too high, and it will look awkward, too low and it will simply get in the way. The chain is adjustable to allow you to customize the height. You can also hang it just over a table or desk, or in your home’s entryway if you have a high ceiling.

In terms of style, this piece is outdoorsy, but classic, so it can add a touch of warmth to a hunting lodge, or a rustic element to a lodge study. And of course, it provides light just where you need it, making it functional as well as beautiful. Lighting fixtures like this one are the kind of details that make a home’s décor what it is.


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