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Native American Symbols

19 December 2011

Jerome Bedding CollectionSouthwest-inspired designs make for really lovely cabin décor. The colors may be subtle and muted or rich and saturated, but they’re always gorgeous, and the patterns beautifully capture the beauty of our early heritage. Have you ever wondered what those Native American patterns symbolize?

The meaning behind most Native American patterns will vary among tribes and time periods. But according to this craft maker, here are some guidelines:

  • A symmetrical stepped border pattern is often used on wedding baskets and can symbolize male and female, night and day, mountains or clouds.
  • A border pattern in squared spirals can indicate water or renewal.
  • A circle at the center of a cross of bars is called a Zia, named after the first people to use it, and it symbolizes the sun and the four directions.
  • Arrows symbolize direction or movement, or the life-force of a person or animal.

This soft wool bedding collection uses arrowed crosses that symbolize the place where an individual becomes whole. We love the colors and texture, and the meaning of the pattern only makes it that much more special.

Are you a fan of Native American patterns in your décor? Tell us what they mean to you.


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