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Product Review: Stone Marble Bear Sculpture

27 December 2011

Stone Marble Bear SculptureArt sculptures can add a dignified and, well, artistic look to a home. In cabins, they can be an especially welcome touch, especially by exploring natural themes. A cowboy sculpture in a western or frontier décor setting, or a bear or moose in a more lodge-style décor setting can add a sophisticated museum look.

This Stone Marble Bear Sculpture has a richly sculpted look and is finished in a multi-step process for a lot of dimension in the final color. It’s cast in a fine plaster called Hydrocal that’s often used for small sculptures like this one, lamp bases, or other fine crafts. The sculpture comes in a substantial size, without being oversized, and attracts a lot of attention in a room.

A piece like this is fairly heavy, so if you place it on a tabletop, make sure your furniture is sturdy enough to hold it. Also, keep in mind that the lightweight plaster is not water resistant, so be sure to clean it only with a dry cloth.

As for design, it’s great for adding an elegant touch to your cabin décor. If you have a rustic look in your living area, maybe with a bear-themed sofa set and rugged furniture, a sculpture like this one adds a little note of sophistication and shows off your love for the outdoors. It’s especially good for bear lovers in particular—it portrays the beloved bear in a very respectful and artistic way.


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