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The Health Benefits of Being Outside

Pine ridge Lodge Lace Window PanelAsk any cabin owner why they love their cabin retreat, and they’ll tell you: it provides a unique opportunity to get out in nature. Spending time in the great outdoors is a privilege, and it’s just plain fun. And as it turns out, it also benefits our minds and bodies in all kinds of ways.

  • In one study, children in poor urban environments were shown to have a marked improvement in cognitive function when surrounded by natural vegetation. Outdoor environments were also shown to help kids with ADHD with focus and attention. Anecdotal evidence seems to support this finding—how many times have you felt more relaxed and focused after a brisk walk outside?
  • According to this article, professor Roger Ulrich reports that patients recovering from gallbladder surgery experienced a faster and easier recovery if their hospital rooms were located with countryside views.
  • With a few exceptions, most outdoor activities require, well, activity. And regular exercise has been shown to be a factor in preventing everything from colon cancer to obesity to heart disease. (Of course, be careful to avoid sun damage while you’re outside to minimize your risk of skin cancers.)

If you’re looking to add a little extra greenery and increase the natural feel around your rustic home, try this set of Black Bear Planters. Or, add these curtains to your home to let nature’s beauty peek into your windows, with an added pine tree and mountain touch. Little touches like these can add to the already wonderful outdoor feel of your cabin. And that can not only lift your mood, but also boost your mental and physical health.


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