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Rustic Scroll Wall Sconces Can Complete Your Western Theme

Rustic Scroll Double Wall SconceSconces have a long history of lighting rooms in Victorian homes and the castles of Europe but they can make fine accents in modern homes too. Lone Star Western Décor is introducing their new Rustic Scroll Double Wall Sconce to prove that point.

With these sconces, Lone Star has incorporated a western feel to accent lighting. To the wrought iron, they have added a rust appearance that makes it fit perfectly into western and southwestern décor. To this they added the shades. They can come in a frosted amber or turquoise glass.

Using only two 60 watt bulbs, these sconces are not made to be the primary source of light in the room. Instead, these are used to accent the western theme of the room. The amber shades can add warmth to tan or clay colored walls. Many times these colors appear dreary without an accent light and the amber shades can transform dreary to warm.

Meanwhile, the turquoise shades can draw the eye or bring out the turquoise in other artifacts in the room. In western and southwestern decors, turquoise shows up often but can get over looked. That won’t happen with these shades. And if you need a little less light, a single sconce is also offered.

If you have a western or southwestern décor, these rustic scroll double wall sconces can really tie a room together.


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