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Ceramic Tile Single Hooks


The ceramic tile single hooks found at Black Forest Décor are the perfect additional to any Americana style home or for the nature lover. These high quality hooks portray beautiful portraits of a bear, moose, or bear with cubs which will sure to delight any that see them proudly displayed. The artwork renders the images in a way that displays the beauty of nature with something that will be forever useful in one’s home or hunting cabin. Single hooks such as these are perfect for hanging your hat or scarf after a long day out, or as a place to put your keys to ensure they are never lost. Their efficient size makes them a great fit for any room, and their usefulness is far reaching. These hooks are the essential touch for any décor, and the featured artwork by Diane Whitehead is a touching reminder that nature is never far from our door. With three available designs, there is sure to be the perfect ceramic tile single hook for your wall and will bring years of quality and pleasure.


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