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Turquoise Cross Table Lamp

Turquoise Cross Table LampGet inspired to decorate the entire home with this very tastefully designed rustic Turquoise Cross Table Lamp that will add a touch of class and elegance to any room’s decor. This beautiful table lamp captures the rustic style of the old west. The finish on the lamp is very rustic with hand painted scrolls circling the lamp shade. Decorating in the western style takes planning and imagination. Get started with the Turquoise Cross Table Lamp for inspiration. The western style inspired by the Turquoise Cross Table Lamp requires a natural setting with rocks, wood, and leather to compliment the area.

The lamp should be surrounded by western style furniture. Western style furniture should be larger than normal furniture and certainly made from natural wood products. Keep the color scheme in a western inspired room very natural. Use color themes around earth tones, greys, and blacks. Don’t be afraid to include natural elements scattered around the room to compliment the larger items. Use leaves, rocks, acorns. A western motif requires plenty of rustic elements spread throughout the environment. Select suedes, wools, denims, and leather for that natural western look. Search through old trunks for items or buy these items at vintage shops.


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