Lazy Bear Ranch Framed Print

28 February 2011

Lazy Bear Ranch Framed PrintVintage-look framed prints have a unique way of adding character to a home or cabin. They can create country appeal, add a rustic lodge look or express your family’s tastes and interests. This Lazy Bear Ranch Framed Print depicts a reclining black bear with a textured, canvas-like finish. A wood look gives this piece a barnwood quality that works perfectly in a rustic décor setting, and a leather-look polymer frame adds polish. You might choose to pair it with a sister piece, like this Alpine Bear Lodge Framed Print, or add it to your collection of bear décor. It’s fairly sizable, so you might want to surround it with smaller wall décor items to let it be the centerpiece.

Wall hangings can be a big makeover in a small package. Whether you go with tapestry hangings, vintage signs, framed art or metal art, adding a unique art piece can create drama and add beauty to a room. And don’t discount items like mirrors to add a sense of openness to a room, or unique curtain accoutrements and switch covers to enhance your cabin décor in big ways. With a few carefully chosen home decor pieces, your favorite room can look more pulled together and feel more like home.

Black Bear Creek Cupboard

22 February 2011

Black Bear Creek CupboardStorage space can be at a premium in any home, and additional storage units come in handy perhaps especially in a cabin. This Black Bear Creek Cupboard features a tall shelf on top, a drop-down cabinet door and three lower shelves for books, photos, and anything else you might need. The top storage cubby might be great for a potted plant, a unique collection, or other objects that add variety and interest to a room and express your personal style. And the cabinet door features an image of a black bear by a forest stream to add a wildlife motif to your living area or entryway.

Accent furniture that provides both storage and rustic style can be a great asset in a lodge or cabin. Coat racks and hooks, console tables with antlers or other outdoors-themed design, or cabinets and wall shelves with rustic woods or bark can provide a handy spot to keep keys, linens, books or extra serving ware as well as provide the rustic cabin décor you love.

Check out this Moose Lake Hall Tree for one example. It features a lift-top storage bench for blankets, boots, whatever you might need in your mud room, as well as coat hooks. It also features a lake inset on the top for nature-themed décor. When a furniture item can provide both the storage you need and the look you love, it’s a definite keeper.

Geese Metal Art Wall Sculpture

18 February 2011

Geese Metal Art Wall HangingThis metal art wall sculpture portrays a flock of Canada geese and is made from steel with a colorful finish, while hand sanding creates a multidimensional effect. This is a fairly sizable piece, so you’ll probably want to put it on a wall that won’t be overwhelmed by it. But its size, 3-D quality and shiny finish make it a striking piece that will get a lot of attention. Combine it with more subtle cabin decor for optimum effect.

There are other types of wall hangings that can create the look you want in your cabin, of course. Tapestries can go either classic and homey or artful with lots of nuance and color, making them a versatile wall addition. You can also go the route of framed prints, of course. A unique and rustic frame, like distressed barnwood, can add a special touch to a cabin wall. And of course there are other metal art wall hangings that capture your love of the outdoors. Rust finishes and wildlife themes create that rugged look, while oftentimes remaining beautiful and artful.

When choosing the right wall décor, remember to use a variety of media to create interest and tailor your choices to the room you’re decorating. And of course, choose items that fit with your personal style. There are plenty of rustic wall décor options to choose from when decorating your cabin. Choose the ones you like the most.

Sunset Camp Bear Barnwood Nightstand

14 February 2011

Sunset Camp Bear Barnwood NightstandIn reclaimed barnwood, this petite Sunset Camp Bear Barnwood Nightstand coordinates with the Sunset Camp Bear Barnwood Bed. Both pieces feature the rough, rustic look that makes barnwood furniture such an asset to cabin décor. These are fairly heavy pieces, so you’ll want to make sure you flooring can handle the weight. But if it can, this bedroom set will do wonders to turn your room into a rustic retreat.

When accessorizing this dark, heavy wood, warm, bright colors and unique textures can bring it to life. Look for bed sets that include cheerful tones and a varied palette of fabrics. And of course a nature or outdoor theme will mesh well with the textured, antique-looking wood.

When looking for bedroom furniture for your cabin, you can’t go wrong with natural woods and unique texture. Antler accents and outdoors-themed carvings also create a perfect rustic effect.

Metal Art Bear Fireplace Screen

25 January 2011

Metal Art bear Fireplace screenIs the hearth a gathering place for your family at your cabin? During chilly winter months, a roaring fire in the fireplace can make everyone feel warm, welcome and at home. With a little extra help from cabin décor, your hearth can be that much more inviting.

This Metal Art Bear Fireplace Screen features a wandering bear, always a perennial favorite motif, and is made from steel with a rust finish. This particular piece features a hand-cut scene. Many similar metal art items use lasers or plasma cutters, which yield precision and detail; hand cutting means each piece is going to be unique. The rust finish makes it especially good for a particularly rustic setting, or to add rugged, unfinished appeal to a more polished cabin. As another bonus, a matching fireplace tool set is available to help you tend your fire in the same rustic style.

For other fireplace screens, this Pinecone Fireplace Screen provides a subtle touch of pinecones, while this screen with two deer has a similar look to the bear screen above. Whichever route you go, a rustic fireplace screen adds a decorative touch to your hearth and makes it a more fun, welcoming place to spend time this winter.

Fall Adventure Fleece Warm Me Up

19 January 2011

Fall Adventure Fleece Warm Me UpFrosty temperatures persist this week. Do you have what you need for winter? This Fall Adventure Fleece Warm Me Up is a blanket that can be fastened into a robe to free up your hands. It’s very soft—made from fuzzy 100% recycled polyester and acrylic fibers—and perfect for snuggling on the couch during chilly winter days. And the same cut can be found in the Bear Adventure Fleece Warm Me Up, as well as the Horse Adventure.

Setting your cabin couch up with plenty of pillows and throws is a great way to make it a warm, cozy place to be this winter. Lush textures and fabrics add extra comfort and warmth, and crisp colors can accent your cabin décor. They may seem like small details, but the right throws and pillows can make your lodge or cabin the perfect home away from home, even in the midst of a chilly winter.

Vintage Snowshoe Coffee Table

10 January 2011

Vintage Snowshoe Coffee TableWinter weather is falling in many parts of the nation. Is your cabin a snow cabin? Whether or not you use it as a place to warm up between ski runs, any cabin can become a ski retreat with the right cabin décor. Vintage snowshoes and ski lodge signs or snow-themed pillows and throws can turn any cabin into a rustic getaway in the snow.

This Vintage Snowshoe Coffee Table features antique snowshoes for a vintage ski lodge look. The base is made from aged wood, and the authentic snowshoes feature rawhide laces. At 50” wide, it’s a decent size for a coffee table, so keep that in mind when determining where it should go in your living area.

Or, if you’re looking for an additional or different use of snowshoes, you might check out this Vintage Snowshoe Wall Shelf, which combines a pair of snowshoes with two wooden shelves. Or for other wintry décor, try a hooked wool accent like this wool pillow featuring a skier on the slopes.

Winter can be snow much fun. Okay, sorry. Got carried away with the winter fun there. Be safe out there, and enjoy the snow. And enjoy your cabin retreat just as much.

Hickory Wagon Wheel Mirror

4 January 2011

Hickory Wagon Wheel MirrorIt’s a timeless decorating trick to use a mirror to create the illusion of open space in a room. And it’s been around so long for a reason: mirrors really do reflect light and add a sense of openness to a room that might otherwise feel enclosed, which is handy in a wood-paneled cabin room. This article has some ideas on mirror placement, including above a fireplace mantel and inside china hutches. The key is to place it where it will pick up the most light, perhaps opposite a window, lamp or chandelier.

This Hickory Wagon Wheel Mirror frames a mirror in rustic bark-on hickory limbs with a wagon spoke design. With unfinished logs, it’s a perfect addition to your cabin decor, and with its fairly substantial size, it provides lots of extra brightness and space to a room.

If you’re looking for other rustic mirrors, this Twig & Pinecone Mirror is subtly gorgeous with natural pinecones. And this Bear Mirror features a metal art frame with a rustic honey pinion finish. Whether you’re looking for unfinished woods, rustic metal art, Old World Black Forest design or a bear motif, you’re sure to find a framed mirror that will blend in with your cabin décor.

Back to the Roots Sofa Table

27 December 2010

back to the roots sofa tableFor your getaway in the mountains, you’re probably looking for cabin décor that’s rustic and unfinished. Those rugged pieces can be combined with more refined and polished elements to create a stylishly woodsy look.

This Back to the Roots Sofa Table uses reclaimed teak root and makes a supremely rustic accent piece. It’s 39” x 20” wide and stands 31” tall. At that size, it’s the kind of occasional table that adds just a touch of rustic beauty. Alongside a living room set like the Taos Bear Sofa Collection, it makes a cabin living room or great room a beautifully rustic place to be. Bear in mind that teak wood is very durable and solid, and can be very heavy. This piece can be used outdoors and will weather to gray if left outside.

Cabin furniture can be knotty and rustic or a little sleeker with rich colors and textures. You can mix up the elements for a look that’s outdoorsy, stylish and all your own.

Rustic Wood Trees

20 December 2010

Rustic Wood TreesWhen it’s time to choose cabin décor to outfit your cabin, lodge or home, some of your best choices are items that express your love for nature and the outdoors. A pinecone and branch design, a black bear print, unfinished woods—anything that pays homage to the wooded surroundings. From functional items like kitchen décor and bathroom hardware to simply decorative pieces like wildlife wall hangings, the opportunities to bring the outdoors in are limitless.

As a simple accent, this set of three rustic wood trees can add just a touch of forest love to your room. Standing on log-slice bases, they’re hand-carved from wood and hand-painted, giving them a crafty, rustic look. They can stand together or be placed throughout the room. The set comes with three sizes; the tallest stands 20” high, and the smallest stands 12”.

For similar nature-loving sculptures, check out this bear bronze suffused sculpture, or this Fisherman Falls Grizzly Fountain. Both provide an element of natural beauty for your shelf or tabletop. Which is a perfect way to outfit your cabin home away from home.

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